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Patatas Not-So-Bravas

November 30, 2009

After 3 days of turkey and leftovers, I decided to scale back today. I had a craving for potatoes, so I took some red potatoes and boiled them in some water until they got soft. Drained the water, tossed the potatoes in olive oil and homemade creole seasoning (similar to Emeril’s recipe). If you buy creole seasoning, starting making your own. It’s easy! And I always end up using it to season different things. Back to the potatoes . . .

Patatas Bravas

The potatoes roasted for 40 minutes in a 400-degree oven. Roasted potatoes gets us every time.

I did, however, decide to take it a step further and try to replicate the sun-dried tomato alioli that Cafe Ba Ba Reba serves with its patatas bravas. I had only guessed what was in the sauce and failed. Badly. Later, I found this recipe which I will try out next time. I’m looking forward to the next attempt, as I’m somewhat embarrassed of my hypothesized ingredients. (Errr, ketchup* anyone?)

As you can see, I have a thing for cucumbers. In lieu of a salad, I cut slices of them most nights for dinner.

Nice, light dinner of potatoes, cucumbers and um, ketchup sauce. Can’t beat it.

*This bothers me quite a bit, as I am not a fan of ketchup.

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