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Vegan Soup (with Turkey)

December 1, 2009

My vegetable soup honestly did start off as a vegan-friendly soup. Yesterday, I threw some celery, carrots, onions and yellow zucchini  along with can of whole tomatoes (I cut up the tomatoes) into the crock pot (cooking by means of Sunday laziness). With little maintenance, we had potful of vegetable soup a few hours later. The boy and I did a taste test and enjoyed it. Then again, we always enjoy homemade soups.

It didn’t quite cut it tonight.

After a long day back at the office (following a short 4-day weekend), I wanted a little bit more in the soup. So in went a handful of corn and some leftover turkey simmered together for 20 minutes. Wow, did that hit the spot.

Certainly, the warm fuzzies could have been attributed to the beer or even the leftover Thanksgiving pie.

Then again, in what world are soup, beer and pie not a winning combination?

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