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Christmas Season = Panattoni

December 2, 2009

The Thanksgiving leftovers are practically gone, so I hit up Caputo’s after work. Caputo’s, as you can guess, is a grocery store. More specifically, the store is Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market (there’s also a Joe Caputo’s near my house which I didn’t discover until fairly recently – another great store) and I will admit to having a love affair with this store. To some, it’s just another grocery store. To me, it’s everything a grocery store should be. There’s fresh produce (including basil, which is hard to find in the Chicagoland area without being encased in a plastic container), a deli with the best offerings from an Italian-run grocery store (hello, sun-dried tomatoes!), lots of pasta and canned tomato products to choose from andand of course, there’s panattoni during the holidays. Oh yes, panattoni. . . that sweet, flaky bread that every holiday fruit cake wants to be.

The Italians do it right.

At Caputo’s, there are packages from multiple vendors that it was hard to choose. I chose the one in arm’s length. Just to simplify the process, natch.

The boy was the first to greet the panattoni when I got home.

He was stealth about getting into it before dinner. As always, he got caught.

But tonight, I let him have his way. In the spirit of the holiday. And the panattoni.

My proposal for this holiday season: Let’s do away with the holiday fruit cake that nobody eats and replace it with panatonni. You can eat it plain, you can have it with your morning coffee and my girl Giada says you can turn it into french toast.

Like I said, the Italians have got this one right.

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  1. March 10, 2015 5:21 am

    Hey, it’s “panEttone” (or plural: “panettoni”), not “panAttoni”! The last one is my surname (and other’s too).

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