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How Do You Pronounce Arancini?

December 16, 2009

Ah-ran-che-nee? Air-ran-chen-nee? Someone will have to tell me how this is pronounced.

Anyway . . .

I frequent Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets quite a bit since there is one near work. Everytime I’m there, I ponder in the deli section and stare into the cases like a food perv. But I’m not talking aobu the deli meat – the creepy stare is saved for the Italian-prepared dishes. The arancini always caught my eyes. And a few times I’ve brought some home. Fried risotto balls with a side of Caputo-made marinara. It’s good stuff.

Except for the pile of cheese in each ball.

I will admit it: I am lactose intolerant. Stomach-cramps-and-bathroom-episodes-type of LT. It’s getting better as I get older, but I still have reasons to avoid dairy.

So I decided to try my hand at making arancini. Without cheese. Then, Sparky requested that they not be fried (his attempt at eating better despite his 2-desserts-each-night habit).  A bit more tricky, but I was going to make it happen.

But I’ll admit: I didn’t feel like making risotto. We weren’t going to have it for dinner that night anyway.  So I went old school (and a little healthy) by dumping 2 cups of brown rice (instead of the traditional arborio), chopped green onions (3 stalks), a big handful of peas (I will probably add this @ the end of the cooking process next time – the peas got soggy and disintegrated into the rice), 2 vegetable bouillon cubes and 6 cups of water into a rice cooker. Yup, I really did use a rice cooker. Giada will probably shun me.

"Risotto" from the rice cooker

After the rice was done cooking, I squeezed in a lime, cut in some sun-dried tomatoes (from Caputo’s, of course) and folded in some baby spinach. My clean hands became sticky hands when I started rolling out baseball-sized arancini. Each ball got rolled in some bread crumbs (mixed with some Italian seasoning) and were placed in the fridge overnight to firm.

Uncooked Arancini

They look like meatballs, don’t they?

I sprayed each Arancini with some olive oil with a Misto (a new purchase – love it) before putting the tray into a 375–degree oven for 45 minutes.

You know what? It was pretty good . . . and I didn’t end up frying anything. As we each enjoyed an Arancini with a side of marinara, we really didn’t really miss the fried taste.

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  1. March 10, 2015 5:29 am

    It’s “Ah-rahn-chee-nee”.

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