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How We Drip

January 26, 2010

Before we went to Vietnam together two years ago, I told The Boy that the coffee was fantastic. It was a discovery I had made two years prior when I was there. I must not have said enough about it because every time we had coffee he would rave about it. And we had a lot of coffee.

Here in Saigon –

Iced tea (on left) was something you drank to "hydrate" yourself after the coffee.

Here in Nha Trang –

This was the strongest coffee during the trip.

Here somewhere between Saigon & Nha Trang –

I don't know where we were for the life of me, but it was the best coffee we had in Vietnam.

I love the slow drip. It’s a reflection of the culture and encourages the drinker to sit back, enjoy the company and let the time pass. Relaxing.

At home, this doesn’t fly.

Even two years after the trip, we drink Trung Nguyen religiously every day. But we don’t have the time nor the patience for the slow dripping. We get more out of the Mr. Coffee.

How we make coffee @home

This probably doesn’t make us purists, but this is how we start every morning.

It’s still good and strong. And sometimes it takes us back to our trip two years ago.

Most of the time, it just gets us through the morning.

And that’s all we really need.

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  1. January 28, 2010 9:34 pm

    dude…..that’s a lotta hotta hot sauce you got there… careful!!


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