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Ethiopian Love

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from The Girl, The Boy and Their Dog. 🙂

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the start of the Lunar New Year (funny how both are red holidays), so tonight The Boy and I went to dinner since we promised Van we would have dinner with her tomorrow night.

And mmmm, tonight we had something we haven’t had in awhile – Ethiopian. Once upon a time, when we lived in the city, we would frequent reliable Demera to get our Ethiopian fix. But tonight, we chanced it and tried Addis Adeba, located in nearby Evanston.

Not bad.

Sambusa filled with lentils . . . did The Boy like?

Yes, I think he did.

All the yummy veggie entrees (with one fish "dish"). Injera (top left) is the sourdough flat bread used to pick up the food. Essentially, it's edible silverware.

And of course, strong a** coffee to cap off a large meal.

Not for the weak.

It was a good night. Not Demera-good, mind you. But still, good.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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