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Happy as a Clam

February 26, 2010

My culinary motto: If you swim, I will eat you. I’m pretty sure I will never be a vegetarian for this reason (I’ve tried).

The Boy, on the other hand, wasn’t always a seafood lover. Four years ago, when we started dating, he would split a seafood dish with me 80/20 (he being the 20). His tastes have evolved, so these days the split is about 60/40 and that’s just because he’s polite. I am always happy to take my 60-percent while  dismissing his “You should really share since you got more than me” eyes. But I don’t feel bad for The Boy. He should realize there are more fish in the sea. (Groan.)

In any case, we were at an Asian supermarket one weekend and both got weak in the knees when we approached the seafood section. Fresh seafood everywhere. Yum! We came home with 8 clams. Why 8? When I was picking them out, I heard him say, “Just remember that it’s four for $1.” I was a little surprised that he was concerned about the cost, so I quickly replied, “That’s why I’m only getting um, 8.” Later I found out his concern was about picking up clams in increments of 4 instead of a random number like 3 to ease the confusion at checkout. Sometimes I am stoopid.

Back to eating clams . . .

During family parties, my uncle will grill the clams until they open. Since it was just The Boy and me on this particular night, I steamed them. But like my family, we ate them with a lime-pepper-salt dip as well as scallion and oil garnish. You can have one or the other, but personally, I think combining the two is the best.

The Boy’s Reaction: “We are going back soon and buying $20 worth of clams.” I’m not arguing.

We’re both hungry for more. But this weekend, it’ll be oysters, gumbo and Hurricanes in New Orleans. (Yes, a weekend trip!)

In the meantime, here’s a video on making both dips –

NOTE: With the green onion garnish, the oil is traditionally heated and the green onion is thrown in until it’s wilted. But sometimes, a little raw action doesn’t hurt! Seriously, this garnish is good prepped both ways.

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