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‘Gators, Beignets and Oysters . . . Oh My!

March 8, 2010

This time last week, The Boy and I were in New Orleans with our friends. I love that city and am current in Missing-Big-Time-It mode. Between the good eating (and drinking) and the overall charm of the city, it’s hard not to feel this way. And because I haven’t shared much details about the trip . . .

Friday Night:

Our flight was delayed, so when we arrived into New Orleans we all just went straight to the hotel to catch some zzzzz’s.

The view of St. Louis Cathedral (in Jackson Square) from our room at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.


I was wanting a bit of this action –

But since I was running 13.1 miles the next morning, I decided to stick with eating and other activities, like a local swamp tour.

Along the swamp. I think "Interview with a Vampire" was filmed here?

Pretty swamp

The Boy with a 'gator

See the alligator?

Little guy

Don't know this guy, but I liked the life jacket.

A nice surprise from the tour guide - a baby alligator named Marshmallow. He pulled this guy out of nowhere.

Pretty cool tour.

When we got back later that night, we did a bad thing at Pierre Maspero and had a little tasting of Marshmallow’s friend.

Bad picture, but the alligator sausage are the links on the left side of the plate. Mmmmm . . .

We all wanted more. ‘Gator is good.

Post-dinner, we headed over to Cafe Du Monde for what else?

Cafe au lait (if you're going to add sugar, just use the powdered sugar from the beignets)

Beignets - I always forget how good these are until I return to New Orleans.

Our friend Tim couldn't keep the sugar on the beignets

Sunday (Race Day):

Abandoned shirts pre-race

The band kicking off the race.

Me around Mile 9, telling The Boy not to take pictures. (He still clicked away, as you can see.) I finished in 2 hours and 7 minutes. Hoping to run my next half marathon under 2 hours.

After the race, the group let me choose The Court of Two Sisters for its famous jazz brunch. I was so hungry and so tired that I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures until after the meal. All I have are novelty pictures. Sigh.

The stirrer we got with our mimosas

The Boy and his butter art

Food pictures next time, I promise!

We all went back to the hotel to rest before heading out again. When we went back out, it was hard to tell if it was Saturday or Sunday since the crowd level was nearly identical. Ah, I love New Orleans.

We started off at Landry’s for (cooked) oysters and beers:

Oysters Rockefeller in the front & Oysters Steve in the back. Both were VERY good.

By the time we left, it was a dark so we headed over to the obligatory Pat O’Brien’s for the fire fountain and hurricanes.

Pat O'Brien's fire fountain

Afterwords, we had every intention of going to Acme for oysters, but since the line was long we ducked into Felix’s across the street. The oysters are just as good and the shuckers there are nice, friendly and quick!

One of the shuckers @ Felix's

Part of our order. I am craving one (um, 20) of these right now!

Table service for dinner that night, however, was sloooooooooow. Irritatingly slooooooooooow. But the charbroiled oysters more than made up for it.

If you are at Felix’s, you MUST have charbroiled oysters. Insanely good.


Home bound. The airlines sent us home with one busted suitcase.

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have (off the food, sites and geez, the ARTWORK that is ALL OVER the city), so I’m considering a summer trip dedicated to New Orleans picture snapping.

New Orleans, if you hear me, just know that there is someone thinking of you.


Diana (“The Girl”)

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