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Chicken & Cannellini Minestrone

June 25, 2010

I felt like soup tonight. Yes, it’s 90+ degrees here in Chicago, but I’m in an A/C environment at home and at work so my body temperature is controlled throughout the day (aka I stay in the cooler areas because I’m always the first to sweat). Oh yeah, and I’m Vietnamese. The Vietnamese love their soups. But instead of something like pho or canh chua, I had a taste for something different.

Enter minestrone.

Chicken and Cannellini Minestrone

Chicken and Cannellini Minestrone

I came across the perfect recipe – Beef & Cannellini Bean Minestrone – from Giada de Laurentiis who just seems to conveniently pop up during these times.

I pretty much stuck to the recipe but instead of the beef, I opted for ground chicken. I also added 3 handfuls of this (cooked):


Little Shell Pasta (Coccioline)!

I’m not sure what the beef version tastes like, but this was pretty stinkin’ good. I was also impressed at how quickly this was pulled together. When I make soups, it usually takes at least two hours. This took under an hour, so in The Girl’s Kitchen, this was a quick recipe!

And it’s as awesome as it is quick.

The Boy’s Reaction: He said he wasn’t hungry. After sampling what I had ladled into my bowl, he ran to the kitchen to pour himself a serving. As he ate, he kept mumbling, This is fantastic . . . This is fantastic . . .

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