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Out for Brunch

July 10, 2010

This morning, The Boy woke up starving. Since I had just woken up myself, there was no way I was cooking (and admittedly, breakfast is not my specialty). I knew it was one of the mornings where we’d go out to some crappy nearby diner. (Our options are limited if we don’t want to drive more than 20 minutes.) I went to Yelp for some ideas. Ah, Yelp . . . always reliable and today was no different with Katie’s Kitchen – a brunch place about 5 minutes from our house. Score.

I don’t have any interior pictures, but the establishment is inviting and cute. The menu has plenty of options – you’ll be disappointed that you can’t try EVERYTHING. Hugs & Kisses Waffle? Crab Cake Benedict? WOW. Although I wouldn’t tell my city dwelling friends to venture out here just for brunch, I will say that if Katie’s Kitchen were in Chicago there would definitely be a wait to get a table, especially since this was listed in Chicago Magazine as one of the best french toasts in the city in 2009.  And (again) five minutes from our house! Who knew?

chicago's best french toast, katie's diner, cinnamon roll french toast

Cinnamon Roll French Toast

The Skirt Steak Skillet was also very good . . . and different than any breakfast skillet I’ve ever had. The steak was sauteed with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. It was topped by 2 eggs (I went with over easy) and NO CHEESE. (Awesome.)

Skirt Steak Skillet, Katie's Kitchen

Skirt Steak Skillet


And because we didn’t get to try everything, we’ll definitely be coming back.

The Boy’s Video Review –

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