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Flirty Cupcakes

July 11, 2010
flirty cupcake chicago, big blue

Flirty Cupcake's Big Blue Van

I have been following Flirty Cupcakes on Twitter and Facebook for about a month. When I first heard about a van that drove around Chicago (and sometimes the suburbs) selling cupcakes, I was pretty fascinated. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And who isn’t intrigued with the idea of a van transporting cupcakes? Unfortunately, I never had any opportunities to chase down Flirty Cupcakes (they’re mostly in the city during the weekdays and never in the same neighborhood when I’m in Chicago).Luck was on my side when FC came to Schaumburg Saturday afternoon.

By no means was The Boy wasn’t as excited as I was. I do, however, think he was relieved because I have been talking about FC non-stop and hinting blatantly telling him every morning to find the van on his lunch break since he works in Chicago. Well, my obsession has finally ended and I got what I wanted, which included a sampler box of 4 mini cupcakes and a regular sized PB & C (peanut butter & chocolate) cupcake. Did we enjoy them? Hmmm . . . See for yourself!

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