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Chili Mac

July 30, 2010
Chili Mac

Chili Mac

The Boy is not a fan of chili. He loves tomato sauce, meat, spicy foods and beans but chili just doesn’t do it for him. Unfortunately, I had a taste for it last Wednesday night. I asked him what I could do to make the experience less painful. Hot dogs, he said. What? “Chili belongs on a hot dog. Chili cheese dog.” Ok. Done. (With much reluctance on my part. Hot dogs for dinnner?)

Sorry no pictures but suffice to say that he ate 2 dogs loaded with chili. And he packed himself a tuperware full of chili mac for lunch.


GFB Chili

2 T olive oil
3 garlic clove, minced
1 large onion, chopped
1 lb ground turkey (or wherever u prefer)
2 tomatoes chopped
3 T chili powder
2 T paprika
2 T cajun seasoning
1/4 lb Poblano peppers, chopped and seeded
Large can crushed tomato
Water (1/2 can)
Pepper and salt, to taste

Eat on its own, serve with macaroni or enjoy on a hot dog. There are plenty of options here! If you’re a cheese lover, feel free to sprinkle some cheddar on top.

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