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Simply Tomatoes

November 12, 2010

Tomato snacks

A former coworker used to pride himself on his summer vegetable garden. During the late summer months, he would bring pounds and pounds of tomatoes to share with everyone. Instead of handing them out, he would take the time to slice them up and sprinkle each slice with the seasonings he just “happened to have on hand”. I don’t remember which seasonings he used exactly, but I may have found the combination that is nearly identical. And since I’ve figured it out (in November, no less!) I’ve been eating 2 tomatoes a day all week. It’s a little obsessive for the season, I know. 🙂

The List:

  • Montreal Steak Seasoning – this will be the seasoning you’ll be most generous with. Sprinkle a dash or two right onto each tomato slice.
  • Salt (I used a smoked salt) – a little will go a long way
  • Cayenne or paprika – this is pretty much dependent on how much heat you can take!

The Boy’s Reaction: “I love tomatoes!!!!”

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