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November 15, 2010
Pan popped popcorn

Not microwaved!

Yesterday I was having an all-day pho craving. We were in the city the night before, so I didn’t really want to head back in for just a bowl of pho (although we’ve done that many times before). Naturally, the thought process led me to the idea of making it myself. Of course, because I am severely lazy on Sundays I didn’t set out to get the ingredients until 3PM. I didn’t start cooking until 4PM, which meant we had to find something else to eat for dinner (since pho is a 4-hour task). So um, yes . . . we had Taco Bell for dinner. (Not something we ever do. Just sounded good last night.) That wasn’t enough food, so I popped popcorn (in olive oil) over the stovetop. Tossed some smoked salt and paprika. Yes, Taco Bell & popcorn. That was our dinner.

The Boy’s Reaction: “I can’t believe we’re eating Taco Bell…good popcorn!”

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