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crazy for orzo

April 3, 2013

orzo pasta salad

My current random theory (that has no research to back it up) is that Asians love orzo because it resembles rice. Growing up in a Vietnamese household, we ate rice every day. No exaggeration.  I wouldn’t mind if The Boy and I did that…and actually, I don’t have a good reason for not making that happen. I also don’t have a good reason for not having this orzo pasta salad on our dinner table every night.

While we were eating, I counted how many times The Boy went back to serve himself. Four. FOUR! He had four servings of this orzo salad. (I had two-ish.) He liked it that much. (Later, he complained about eating too much.) We ate this with a vegetable soup, but I recommend serving this alongside some grilled or sauteed salmon, which we’ve done in the past. Mmmmm….

Oh, and the recipe! The recipe is from Cooking Light. I’ve modified it (substituted orzo for farfalle; ditched the feta and capers; and added little pieces of raw broccoli) here and there. I’ve used this recipe many, many times – with and without modifications – I will say that it does work beautifully with bowtie pasta!


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